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Alinity CI Series

Integrated BioChemistry System (ΑΒΒΟΤΤ)

A state-of-the-art Biochemical & Immunological Analyzer

The Alinity ci-series utilizes the power of clinical chemistry and immunology systems in an unprecedented and innovative combination for the most reliable and rapid production of diagnostic test results. It can run 800 clinical biochemistry tests and 200 immunology tests simultaneously. It is the leading machine in the world and unique in the Peloponnese area, a state-of-the-art technology in the medical field, with no other company providing anything similar.

Alinity Hq Series

Integrated BioChemistry System (ΑΒΒΟΤΤ)

Hematology analyzer

The Alinity hq hematology analyzer provides a Complete Blood Count (CBC) with a 6-part white blood cell (WBC) differential and multiple parameters using Advanced MAPSS (Polygonal Polarization Scatter Separation) technology. The design incorporates additional angular light-scattering spaces to improve the differentiation of white blood cells, red blood cells (RBCs), and platelets as they pass through the detection area of the optical flow cell.

The Alinity h series is designed to provide reliable results at an exceptional speed of 120 samples per hour making it one of the leading machines for the largest hematology laboratories.

Dimension RL Max

Integrated Chemistry System (Siemens)

Biochemical analyzer
ΤDimension® RxL Max® is a fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer, capable of maximum efficiency through automatic connection to the laboratory network. It has the ability to run 91 clinical chemistry and immunohistochemistry tests simultaneously. It performs biochemical tests such as: sugar, urea, creatinine, cholesterol, triglycerides, transaminases, ferritin, and many more.

Cobas c 411

Hormonology Analyzer (Roche- Hitachi)

Hormone analyzer
It is an automated immunohistochemistry analyzer based on the application of immunohistophagy. It has 18 holders and can perform up to 18 tests simultaneously, with a maximum capacity of 86 tests per hour. It performs hormonal tests such as: TSH, β-chorionic, LH, FSH, PSA etc, as well as cancer markers such as: CEA, Ca 125, Ca 19-9 and several others.


Hormonology Analyzer (BIO-RAD)

Diabetes & β-thalassemia analyzer

D-10™ Is a fully automated analyzer that provides the ability to generate results for diabetes and β-thalassemia in a single platform. The system provides flexibility and reliability. It has separate programs for the quantification of HbA1c or for HbA2 / F / A1c.


Clinical Diagnostics (BioMérieux)

Immunochemistry analyzer

Simple, flexible and reliable immunochemistry analyzers, pioneers for two decades. Their success is based on the quality of their reagents and their invaluable reliability, using ELFA (Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay) technology. VIDAS can perform various types of analysis, such as enzyme immunochemistry (like Modifiena), detection of antigens (eg Australian and hepatitis C) and antibodies (EBV, CMV, Toxoplasma etc), as well as other substances in serum (like D-Dimers). It can perform many tests in parallel (up to 80 per hour) and is connected to the laboratory network to automatically transfer the results.

Access II Leriva

Immunoassay Analyzer (Beckman Coulter)

Immunoassay Analyzer

Access II Leriva is a powerful and reliable immunology analyzer with space-saving design, user-friendly features and a powerful menu with the ability to process more than 50 samples. It automatically recognizes reagent packages using an internal barcode reader to reduce user loading errors. Its ergonomic design makes the operation of the analyzer easier.


System (Sysmex)

Immunological analyzer
Systex CA-1500 is an analyzer which can run coagulation tests and immunological tests. It uses multi-dilution technology to detect coagulation factors in a precise and simple way. It can perform 120 PT tests per hour and 80 PT / APTT tests simultaneously per hour, having the possibility of using “closed type” tubes (vacutainer) with bar codes.


Liquid Based Cytology Processor (PathTech)

Cytological processor

E-PREP is a semi-automatic liquid chromatographic processor for tiles with biological material. It applies a technique of filtering and precipitating droplets through double membrane filters, thus providing an easy and convenient staining process at a speed of 150 plates per hour. E-PREP provides improved accuracy compared to the classic PAP test. It facilitates the observation under the microscope since it does not contain fragments, mucus and so on. It also allows the addition of other immunochemical tests, such as HPV tests. It processes samples from any part on the body.



Ultrasound System (GE Healthcare)

Portable Ultrasound System
LOGIQ™ V2 is a portable ultrasound device that combines high quality imaging and portability. It applies to various medical specialties. It is now a necessary tool to the Cytologist for the correct and accurate puncture at any part of the body, in order to extract biological material for cytological analysis. It offers state-of-the-art technology with the ability to perfectly visualize the needle during the puncture (eg. thyroid nodules – FNA).

Coulter HmX

Hematology Analyser (Beckman Coulter)
Hematology analyzer
Beckman Coulter HmX is a hematology analyzer designed to provide a complete hematology profile, including CBC, WBC deviation, and reticulocyte parameters. It also offers 3D VCS technology, providing exceptional sensitivity, specificity and efficiency. Beckman Coulter HmX is suitable for use in medium-sized hospitals or private laboratories, with good technical and analytical performance, a yield of 75 samples / hour and a workstation that allows data management in accordance with its quality assurance guidelines from France.

Coulter AcT 5

Hematology Analyser (Beckman Coulter)
Hematology analyzer
Coulter AcT 5 provides closed vial sampling and automatic perforation in different tube sizes. It also has extensive data management capabilities for optimal file retention performance. It accepts a sample size of 53 μL for CBC with a 5-part differencial. The production of 60 samples per hour ensures high productivity, so that you have your results as soon as possible.
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